About Us

Hebron Ministries is a powerful Outreach Ministry with a divine vision of planting churches in India and winning souls for the Lord. This was envisioned and founded by the man of God, Rev. Pastor Dr. K. B. Edison.


The Beginning

Rev. Pastor K. B. Edison's father, the late CID Inspector Mr. A. K. Pillai, and mother late Mrs. Esther Pillai were a God fearing couple.

After two miscarriages, the parents committed their third unborn child to the Lord for His ministry. And God heard their prayers and the child K. B. Edison was born on 01.09.1960.

The parents instilled the fear and greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ into their child, Edison right from his infant days. He and his two brothers were brought up with great discipline from their young age.

Guided by his parents, the child Edison stood at the street corners distributing tracts and singing for the Lord. But still a personal divine experience was found wanting in the future Pastor.

The Acceptance

Even though professing the Christian faith for three generations in the family tree of Mr. Edison, not one committed themselves for doing the Lord's ministry. Hence, in the year 1975, with a great burning desire and longing, Mr. Edison's parents sent him to OM Ministries for doing the ministry of God. On their compulsion, Mr. Edison went to minister and thus this was the beginning of his great and personal ministry.

There he experienced the divine power of Jesus Christ and tasted the goodness of the Lord. He then committed his life to the Lord.

Professional Life

Mr. Edison pursued higher studies at Annamalai University and graduated in the Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.). Subsequently, he graduated in M.A., B.S. (Architect), M. Divinity, M. Ministry, D.D. and in various other degrees. He chose his profession as an Architect. Mr. Edison had a desire to be a big business magnate and driven by his active spirit, Mr. Edison established Edi Builders and Architects and was the Founder and Chairman of this world-wide establishment. He excelled in the area of planning and building several landmark buildings. Many buildings which he designed during his business life were futuristic and far ahead of his times. He designed many leading churches as an architect.

Little did he realize then that the Lord would establish for him a great ministry and mold him as a Pastor. The architect of buildings would gradually become an architect for lost souls.

As a businessman, the Lord blessed Mr. Edison greatly and he used this prosperity given by God to support innumerable churches and ministries with an open heart. Not only focusing on his business, he was also actively involved as a renowned Evangelist both in India and abroad right from the year 1986. Mr. Edison conducted many powerful crusades along with leading men of God in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Many desolate souls accepted the Lord as their Personal Savior and were brought into salvation.

Family Life

In 1990, Mr. K. B. Edison married Ms. Phebe, daughter of a powerful man of God in Guntur, the Late Apostle Pastor Stephen Jesudoss and mother Late Pastor Mrs. Esther Stephen. They are blessed with two children, Richie Edison and Ron Edison.


Dr. Phebe Edison is a godly woman and a talented singer who plays a multifaceted role in the various wings of the Hebron Ministries.

Dr. Phebe was brought up in a great spiritual atmosphere right from her childhood. As per her desire to serve God all through her life, she was divinely yoked together in marriage with a man of God, Dr. K. B. Edison.

She is the strength behind her husband encouraging him to keep the Lord first in life. She has been the guiding light for her children to understand the power of the Lord and in dedicating themselves to Him.

Dr. Phebe Edison is an able thought partner for the Pastor supporting him in all the major decisions of the Church. She helps the Pastor to take forward the vision of Hebron Ministries.

She independently manages the operations of Hebron Literature Center which primarily involves in spreading the Word of God to the lost souls.

Dr. Phebe Edison is an inspiring Worship Leader and leads the worship and choir of Hebron Church. She manages the Women's Fellowship, Widow's Ministry and takes care of the needs of women and widows of the church.

She displays a community service mind and organizes regular eye, dental, and general health camps at Hebron Church campus. This camp is open to all members of society and many Christians and non-Christians have benefited greatly from these health camps.

Dr. Phebe Edison has authored several books, one of which is the Prayer Guide which serves as a useful tool for the ministers of God.

She has a Masters in Social Work and has been conferred the Doctorate of Divinity by the Bible University of Holy Spirit, New Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the year 2013.


Bro. Richie is the eldest son of Rev. Dr. K. B. Edison and Dr. Phebe Edison.

Right from his infant days, Bro. Richie Edison saw the power of God and how He moved in his family using his parents for doing His work and in establishing His Kingdom.

This experience along with the testimonies of Bro. Richie's parents made a profound impact on him and he grew to be an obedient child to his parents.

As he grew older, Bro. Richie transformed from being a hyperactive child to a calm person filled with patience and prayer.

Following the footsteps of his father, Bro. Richie chose to become an Architect .

After successfully completing the course, he joined as a Director of Edi Builders Pvt.Ltd a leading Architectural company Since 1983 in Chennai.

Bro. Richie has handled many projects successfully using the wisdom given by God in his professional life. Bro. Richie Edison has established himself as an architect and is independently handling many projects today.

Ministry wise too, Bro. Richie did not lag behind. From his early days of college, he was the Youth Leader of the Gideon Army, the youth wing of Hebron Castle Church.

Musically talented, Bro. Richie plays the Keyboard right from his young age of 12 in the Church. A notable feature is that he is a self-taught musician and has learnt music by ear and can replicate any tune of choice in seconds, but this talent has only been used for the Glory of the Lord as God Almighty is his divine teacher. There have been instances of numerous believers encountering Godly visions and experiencing God's healing when Bro. Richie leads the worship through his singing and playing .

Bro. Richie adeptly plays the Keyboard , Guitar and is the lead vocalist in the English services. He plays a major part in the Church orchestra and choir.

Along with supporting vocals and keyboard in all the church services, Bro. Richie completely handles the English services giving the Sermon of God to the congregation.

Bro. Richie continues to balance both his professional work and ministry work with ease. He is known to put the Lord first in his life and is totally dedicated to His ministry displaying great fire and passion in his service to the Lord.

Bro. Richie was conferred the Doctorate of Sacred Music by the Bible University of Holy Spirit, New Jerusalem and Bethlehem on January 15, 2015.


Bro. Ron is the younger son of Rev. Dr. K. B. Edison and Dr. Phebe Edison.

Bro. Ron Edison is currently pursuing B. Arch. and like his elder brother is looking forward to establish himself as a full-fledged architect.

Bro. Ron Edison leads the Youth wing of Hebron. He is a leading percussionist playing the drums in the services at Hebron Church.

Bro. Ron is full of spiritual fire and follows the footsteps of his family in living a life for God. Even though inclined to establishing a future in business, he dutifully obeyed God's calling and dedicated himself to His Ministry putting the Lord first in his life.

Pastoral Calling

In the year 1992, in accordance with his evangelist commitments, Mr. Edison went to Korea accompanied by leading Pastors of those days.

Mr. Edison and these Pastors visited Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho (David Cho), Pastor of the world's largest church, located in Seoul, South Korea. While Pastor Paul Yonggi Cho started praying, Mr. Edison had a vision where he was leading sheep as a shepherd. He shared this vision with the Pastors who were with him and they interpreted that this was a Pastoral Calling.

Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Edison visited the Holy City of Jerusalem in Israel during the year 1993 as part of an Evangelistic tour. The Israeli Government was creating a replica of the Temple using the stones from the ruins of a place which was considered to be the original Temple site. Thousands of tourists viewed the building of the replica daily. Mr. Edison with his group was also one of them. At that time an official involved in building the Temple replica called Mr. Edison and said, "Young man, what is your profession?" He replied that he was an architect by profession. Then the Israeli official picked a stone collected from the Temple ruins and gave to him and said, "One day, you will build a temple for God. On that day, use this stone while building it."

Mr. Edison was taken aback by these words and could not forget this incident. He returned home taking the prophetic stone with him.

Rochester, United States of America.

Mr. Edison always found time for his evangelistic activities. In 1994, Mr. Edison accompanied by his wife Mrs. Phebe Edison went to America to attend the Leaders Conference at Rochester. At the end of this conference, there was a Businessmen Fellowship conducted in which Mr. Edison shared his testimony on how God miraculously cured him of a critical heart condition. He also shared how God blessed him with prosperity and on his commitment to do ministry for Him.

An American architect who attended this Fellowship was moved by the testimony and offered Mr. Edison to join him in his business and offered a remuneration of $13,000 per month. This was a huge amount during those days. Mr. Edison and his wife were overwhelmed by this offer. That night, both of them knelt down in prayer thanking God for the unbelievable opportunity.

As he was praying together with his wife and thanking the Lord for the opportunity, he had a vision of preaching to a multitude of people. Mr. Edison asked God to name the place He was showing him as a preacher. He saw the letters appearing in the vision, "YOU ARE FOR INDIA".

Mr. Edison shared this vision with his wife and together with oneness of spirit, they decided to obey God's command and reject the valuable offer and return to India.

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mr. Edison was the customary speaker in the New Year Eve Convention Meetings held at Guntur every year. On December 31, 1994, after speaking in one such Convention Meeting, he participated in the New Year night service. After the service ended, Mr. Edison continued with his personal prayer till 3 am in the morning.

As he was praying, he realized the Holy Spirit was admonishing him for not obeying God's word of starting a church.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The next Sunday in Chennai, he attended church and participated in the service. Again, he felt the Holy Spirit convicting him for not starting a church.

He was filled with a great burden in his heart and went home. In his inner heart, the great love he had for God wanted him to obey His word. With the same love and burden, he sat down in prayer that night. While praying, Mr. Edison had a vision where he saw God descending from His Heavenly Throne and walking towards him. Mr. Edison could also hear the footsteps of God as He neared him. God then removed a shawl from His shoulders and placed that on Mr. Edison. God then spoke in a firm voice commanding Mr. Edison to start a church.

Mr. Edison committed himself to follow God's commandment and accepted the Pastoral calling. Within a week, in obedience to God's command, Mr. Edison established and dedicated the Hebron Church on January 15, 1995. He committed the church in the Hands of the Lord.

After the initial period of the church ministry, Mr. Edison received the Pastoral Ordination and become Pastor Edison.

Pastor Edison's life of sacrifice, humility, and love for the salvation of souls changed the hearts of many Christians and business people to surrender themselves to God.

Pastor Edison is instrumental in establishing annual conferences, Pastoral meetings, and crusades. Through many seminars, thousands of missionaries and workers have been infused with a new and fresh energy. They rededicate themselves in taking the Gospel to all corners of India.

Pastor Edison has a great fellowship with the various Christian denominations and the many Christian Institutions and Organizations. He is accepted by all and his views are treated with utmost respect.