God gave the Pastor another mission of starting a Spiritual Literature Center. It so happened one day, when the Pastor was praying to God, he had a vision of Angels descending from Heaven with glowing torches in one hand and a Bible in the other.

These Angels landed on the earth and entered the slums nearby and distributed the Holy Bibles; very soon the whole place was covered with brightness and the darkness vanished.

This Vision encouraged the Pastor to construct the Hebron Literature Centre (HLC). The logo of HLC is a glowing torch which is the symbol of bringing light to people's life through the 'Word of God', the Holy Bible. Hebron Literature Centre was dedicated on 26th of January, 1999.

It is ably headed by his spouse, Dr. Phebe Edison. Dr. Phebe Edison independently manages HLC, which has been a main source in spreading God's Word. They distribute around 5,000 Bibles every year to the Gentile people. It is also a source of support for missionary ministries.

Visit us at www.hebronliteraturecentre.com for a complete view of the range of products.