Media Ministry

Television Ministry

The Hebron Fellowship Time is broadcast weekly on popular television channels. The episodes stream the Pastor's message, Hebron Songs, and other important events and announcements. Tamizhan TV telecasts this program every Monday evening 9.45 pm - 10.00 pm and Imayam TV every Saturday morning 7.30 am - 7.45 am.

Through this visual media, the Word of God reaches each and every corner of the world. Many viewers have given testimonies of miracles which happened in their lives after watching this weekly TV program.

We give all Glory to God who is enabling us to reach thousands of people through this media. Many people support the Media Ministry with their prayers. Television broadcast involves lot of expenditure, but God Himself is providing the finances to continue this ministry in a mighty way.

Magazine Ministry

Every month the Magazine "Armour Bearer" in English and "Ayutha Thari" in Tamil is distributed all over the world. This is the only Christian magazine that reaches the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, and all other top Leaders of India. This magazine elaborates moral values, missionary stories, real incidents, testimony, blood witness, current events, humor, and many interesting articles. This magazine reaches nearly 17 countries of the world and Libraries, Bible Colleges, Book centers and numerous families stock this magazine in their archives.

If you want to receive our magazine by post or online please subscribe through the following link

Link to the magazine subscription

Music Ministry

Songs CD

Through MP3 CDs, the 'Hebronin Geethangal'/'Songs of Hebron' help to console the brokenhearted and distressed people. The powerful Biblical lyrics and scintillating music proclaim the love of JESUS CHRIST through the audio media.

God honored this ministry by releasing four volumes of songs in Tamil, namely, "Nesa Malarae", "Aayutha Thari", "Tamizha", And "Mephibosheth". "Sneha Pushpama" is another volume of songs in Telugu. These CDs have reached all over the world and are a blessing to many. By the grace, love and wisdom of the Lord, the lyrics and melody have been organized by the Pastor.

The sermons of Pastor K.B. Edison is also available in both audio & video CDs. If you would like to buy them or watch or hear online, you can place an order with us either by visiting Hebron Literature Centre or by email,