Outreach Ministry

North India Missionary Ministry

Our aim is to support and send Missionaries to the unreached areas in North India and to support missionary organizations and to send well equipped, committed Christian missionaries to the various states of India to preach the Gospel in the unreached areas.

An example of a Christian couple supported by us works among slum dwellers and conducts a ministry for AIDS patients. The main purpose of this ministry is to serve the people affected by HIV and give them hope not only by providing adequate nutrition and medical care, but also by creating awareness among them by counseling and guiding them to knowledge of Christ. We receive monthly reports from these missionaries on the miracles they experience each day.

Prayer cells / Home cells

Every Wednesday, nearly 40 prayer cells take place in the midst of the downtrodden and underprivileged people. The cell leaders are trained to lead the people in prayer and to teach the love of God to those who attend the prayer cells.

The prayer is conducted in small huts where the slum people gather to know the Word of God. These poor families are provided mats, provisions, and clothes. The Prayer Cell Leaders visit their homes and pray for salvation of the downtrodden souls.

Our motive is to bring out the people hidden in the darkness to the light. Many supplications of these poor people are answered through our prayers. Many have been delivered from unsolved problems by the Hand of God through His mighty miracles.


Hebron Ministries have conducted mighty Crusades in the major cities of India.

HEBRON FELLOWSHIP FESTIVAL, a big crusade meeting is held annually where large crowds gather to praise God together. These Crusades are held in cities, towns, and rural areas to counsel the broken hearted from all communities.

These special meetings are conducted by the Pastor and also well known Evangelical speakers anointed by God. People from various places attend these meetings to receive the blessings of God and the Word of Christ. Many people repent for their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior.

Hospital Ministry

We visit Government run Hospitals twice a month. We direct the sick to the medical facility; provide them with fruits, snacks, and refreshments. The afflicted sick people are consoled by the teaching and love of God. We want to expand this Hospital Ministry even more in a full-fledged way and in faith we believe that it will grow mightily soon.

We also plan to start a small clinic providing free medical care to the sick and poor people and gradually build a hospital to help the poor find spiritual and physical healing.