Wellbeing Ministry

Community Development Projects & Self help

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in the year 1995, the Hebron Trust established the "Carmel Ministry" - Helping the Poor to Help Themselves.

Through this ministry, we provide financial assistance to the poor and needy for establishing small businesses. We provide all the raw materials to start their businesses, so that they can have a livelihood out of it. The people covered under this are the local poor from slums, the homeless, and the tribal who live in the surrounding villages of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

New life skills are taught. We help them to discover themselves and how they can support their families with dignity.

Some of the areas where we help them establish are:

  • Tea shops - vessels and basic items are provided.
  • Mobile eateries - provide them with the items and materials to cook idlies/vadas in their homes. Provide them with tricycles to sell these to the auto/taxi drivers.
  • Ironing vans - provide iron boxes and mobile van to help them earn their living through laundry services.
  • Wheelchairs - for the handicapped to enable them to move about and sell small products to support their life.

We celebrate their success in these small ventures. We give thanks to Lord and rejoice when they find a new meaning and beginning to their lives.

Not only through the above ministries, we regularly assist people by providing financial support, medical facilities to the homeless, poor, sick, disabled, afflicted, and the persecuted, and provide rehabilitation centers for the blind. This benefit is available to all who approach our Trust. We help in the education of the poor and needy children, by distributing books, notes, paying school fees, etc.

Through the Hebron Literature Center and guidance of Sis. Phebe Edison, we regularly conduct eye and dental camps at our Hebron Castle Church which benefit many thousands of poor people. Basic dental treatment, eye glasses are provided free.