Women's Ministry

The aim of this ministry is to empower the womenfolk with the Word of God and to help them grow in the Lord.

Through this ministry the poor, sick, and persecuted women are provided financial support. We take care of their family and education of their children.

Women's Fellowship

Every Saturday we conduct Women's Fellowship. Hundreds of women participate and the Lord's Power is demonstrated during these meeting through mighty miracles. Mind boggling testimonies are presented weekly and the women glorify God through songs and worship.

These meetings are led by Sis. Phebe Edison. She leads the worship and shares God's message to these women who find peace when they attend these meetings at Hebron Church.

The women share their problems and we pray for them individually with the love of God and pray for blessing in their families. Many find hope and strength in God to overcome all the hurdles they face. They surrender their lives to God.

Widows and Single Mom's Ministry

There are millions of single parents in India who face a lot of struggles in their daily lives. Most of these people are wounded deeply by broken relationships. They are totally depressed and without any source of income.

Pastor Edison and Sister Phebe Edison started counseling the widows and single moms when the Lord put a burden in the heart of the Pastor to regularly minister these people with love and support. Thus was born the Widows and Single Mom's Ministry.

Every Wednesday, these widows and single mom's around the city gather to the Hebron Church for prayer and counseling. The trained leaders in our Church console them in prayer and share the love of God. We counsel the brokenhearted persons irrespective of their background. Gradually, they taste the love of God and build a relationship with Him. They worship God through songs and testimonies. They narrate the miracles which they experience daily from the time of accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. They listen to the Scripture stories and verses during this meeting.

We pray for all their prayer petitions. These forsaken women become powerful prayer warriors over time as they have experienced great distress in life initially and gradually found the consolation of Jesus.

We arrange beverages and snacks during every meeting. We provide them with sarees/dresses, gifts and basic needs for their monthly sustenance. Pastor Edison liberally helps these needy women and support more than 200 of them meeting all their basic needs. They are also provided a stipend each month.