Youth Ministry

The worldly pleasures are most tempting and it is very difficult for the youngsters to safeguard their youth from falling into this pit. It is a challenge to establish and conduct a successful Youth Ministry to prevent the vulnerable youth to fall in this evil.

Many young men and women desire to be used by God and want to have a relationship with the Lord.

Hebron Church recognizes the need of the youth and conducts meetings and classes for Youth Boys and Girls every Sunday.

They are called the Gideon Army and with the guidance of the Pastor, they participate in the weekly meetings and learn to lead of life of chastity along with the fear of God.

By attending these Youth classes, they become clear minded and learn to discern good and evil. Many wayward youth have come out of their sinful ways through this weekly meetings. We teach them to be ambitious to fulfill Gods purpose in their youth. We encourage them to grow and flourish like a fruit bearing plant.

The youth are also involved in village and hospital ministry. They distribute tracts and conduct Youth Crusades and Praise and Worship meetings.

Every fourth Sunday, they present a special program in the Church comprising of skits, dance and song, choreography, etc.